Farhad Raeisi

Iranian students go through tough time for living and studying abroad. The memorial bursary idea is a good valid move and I hope everybody supports this move.

The Iranian Memorial Bursary Fund

David Barclay

In honour of Danielle Moore, from the faculty and students in the Department of Oceanography.

Dive In: The Blue Whale Project

Suzanne Officer

A small token to recognize those lives lost and lives that are yet to begin. Thank you for the opportunity.

The Iranian Memorial Bursary Fund

Nariman Ghassemi Firouz

Sometimes in tragedies we find out life's purposes. My deepest condolence, heart, and prayers are with friend and families affected by this event. Regards, Nariman

The Iranian Memorial Bursary Fund

Claire Chisholm

I have been very fortunate to have worked with and been able to get to know faculty, staff and students from Iran. This tragic event has been very hard on all of them so this is a nice way to let them know we care about them and are proud to call them Canadians!

The Iranian Memorial Bursary Fund

Maryam Rahmati Zadeh

Our heart is broken and our thoughts are with the families. MA2Lonergan

The Iranian Memorial Bursary Fund

Gordon Fenton

It is good to see that out of the ashes of this terrible tragedy, The Iranian Memorial Bursary will provide help to future Iranian students. In this way, we can all remember both humanity's failings and successes and provide us hope that the successes will always be greater.

The Iranian Memorial Bursary Fund

Doris Robbins

In honour of all Iranian friends, who contribute so much good to our communities and country. God bless you all, who mourn, as we mourn with you.

The Iranian Memorial Bursary Fund