Alex Speed

It's hard to study when you're hungry. These are tough times for a lot of people, and I hope that they get better soon.

The Food Security Project

Marsha Mann

Give back. Give large. Give often. Give a legacy gift so that you’re giving will continue when you’re gone.

The Food Security Project

terri mann

Happy to support a wonderful initiative. Our students are amazing and I want them to have access to healthy food. The Dalhousie Food Bank, the Loaded Ladle etc are all helping students. When we all work together, change for good happens. Thanks to the team at Dal Advancement for all their hard work.

The Food Security Project

Cynthia Pilichos

All students should have access to ample nutritious food!

The Food Security Project

Alisha Brown-Fagan

Dale McIsaac

Great project! I trust that it will be successful.

The Food Security Project

Devarsh Sood

Very important initiative for continued student support. Thanks to everyone involved in this program, keep up the good work.

The Food Security Project

Sobeys Community Action Fund

President's Office President's Fund

Becca Scarratt

Students need to study No student should go hungry or have to decide to buy books or groceries!!

The Food Security Project

Nadine Woon

Wonderful lifesaving project!

Canadian Rwanda Open-Heart Project

Anthony Lambert

Glad to help to nourish the young brains that we all count on for the future!

The Food Security Project

Jo Galarneau

Keep up the great work - keeping critical students needs at the forefront.

The Food Security Project

James B Riordan

Let's Help Struggling Students

The Food Security Project

Gordon Fenton

While the pandemic was tough, rapidly rising food costs are even tougher. This is a great and necessary cause. We hope that things will soon get back to a point where nobody has to worry about where their next meal is going to come from...

The Food Security Project