Sven Stammberger

Go Dal! $10 for every point Malcolm scored on his record breaking Saturday. Good luck Tigers.

Men’s Basketball Fund

Joseph Macdonald

The last thing that we should allow to get in the way of student success is hunger. Support The Food Security Project.

The Food Security Project

Kat Raichlen

I'm glad to be able to support students in this difficult time -- thanks for making it so easy to give!

The Food Security Project

Colette Wyllie

All the important parts of life as a student - academic success, physical/mental/emotional wellness, personal growth and and social fulfillment - are impossible without reliable access to food.

The Food Security Project


My little contribution to this noble cause.

The Food Security Project

Christina Brassard

I believe in the Food Security Project! Venant d'un milieu pauvre, je sais qu'il y a des gens qui ne mangent pas bien et il est important que les gens plus ais├ęs les aident.

The Food Security Project

Joan Christie

I sat beside a student at an event, I and she was telling of the need.

The Food Security Project

Janet MacDonald

I gave to the Food Security Project because I feel it is very sad that so many people do not have food. I hope this helps students in need.

The Food Security Project

Alison DeLory

I'm pleased to be able to support Dal students through the Food Security Project. We all are feeling the effects of food inflation and this is a great way to help offset that for students who are so greatly impacted,

The Food Security Project

Terri Mann

All my thanks to the Annual Giving Team at Dalhousie for their amazing work on this initiative and all year. Please no acknowledgements to me, just keep up the amazing work!

The Food Security Project