Dr. Sue Zinck

Our students cannot learn when they are hungry or worried about whether to pass on healthy more expensive food so they can pay for other living expenses.

The Food Security Project

Kimberly McDonald Winsor

H. Wayne Garland

Let's unite together because we live and work here and together we make a difference.

The Food Security Project

John Gosse

Grains for brains.

The Food Security Project

Jeanna Parsons Leigh

Kathryn Hayward

With rising costs of tuition and rising costs of housing, more students than ever battle food insecurity. I encourage those who can give to do so. It will make a difference in a students life.

The Food Security Project

Marsha Mann

Some people turn up their sleeves. Some people turn up their nose. Some people never turn up. I turned up!

The Food Security Project

Jessica Feader

Happy to support students in need of food to fuel their minds and improve their overall wellbeing!

The Food Security Project

Aysha Rajack

"Poverty is not a crime but a person" Theresa Rajack-Talley

The Food Security Project

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Keith Donovan

Elsa and I are happy to support the Men's volleyball program at Dal. It has been a big part of our family.

Men’s Volleyball Fund

Sven Stammberger

Go Dal! $10 for every point Malcolm scored on his record breaking Saturday. Good luck Tigers.

Men’s Basketball Fund

Joseph Macdonald

The last thing that we should allow to get in the way of student success is hunger. Support The Food Security Project.

The Food Security Project