The Office of Advancement, on behalf of Dalhousie University, in its sole discretion, will select the participating projectDAL campaigns. The Office of Advancement reserves the right to discontinue an active project at any time for any reason, without notice, including without limitation because of a group’s eligibility status or a group’s failure to comply with the Dalhousie University’s policies.

To ensure compliance with Dalhousie University policies, all projectDAL campaigns must first be endorsed by an appropriate Dalhousie University program director, staff advisor, or faculty member. Final approval for a project to proceed will be granted through the Office of Advancement. All research projects must be vetted through the appropriate graduate department and/or achieve peer-reviewed status. All participating groups are required to comply with both projectDAL and Dalhousie University’s Privacy Policy and practices for the solicitation of gifts. Practices will be reviewed at required meetings for representatives of accepted projects prior to the launch of the projectDAL campaign.

Campaigners are responsible for promoting their cause, preparing a personal “thank you” message to donors and submitting status updates to the appropriate parties at the Office of Advancement (primarily the Annual Giving Officer).

All funds raised will be directed to the Office of Advancement. Dalhousie University will issue official tax receipts for charitable donations to donors at the time of the donation. Alumni who reside in the United States and contribute to a campaign will receive their receipt in the mail. Only Canadian residents will be issued an electronic tax receipt.

Each project will be hosted on the projectDAL website for a pre-determined amount of time. Projects that reach the stated goal before the allotted time are permitted to continue raising funds until the end date is reached. If the project is not funded within this time frame, it will be removed from the active projects listing on projectDAL. However, student groups are encouraged to continue fundraising efforts through other means (offline). Projects selected must show a direct benefit to Dalhousie, the student experience or the community through Dalhousie. Dalhousie cannot issue tax receipts for organizations which already have a charitable designation. Dalhousie cannot issue tax receipts for self-directed campaigns soliciting gifts for a specific student – this does not comply with CRA’s standards.

All monies raised up to the goal amount will be used for the designated project identified in the solicitation. Any additional funds raised beyond the amount will flow to the designated project as necessary – any funding they may not be required to fund the project will then go to the appropriate faculty or department associated with the project. If the project goal is not reached, funds will be applied to the designated project if it can move forward underfunded, or if it cannot, to the associated faculty, department or area for an appropriate use according to these terms and conditions.

Fundraisers are strictly prohibited from keeping any portion of the funds raised as profit or compensation. Awarded funds may not be applied towards projects that will generate profit for individuals.

Best practice is to use funds raised within one year and update donors on the impact of their support and donations. See the Campaign Toolkit for helpful suggestions and templates.