For answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please read below:

We are Dalhousie’s Office of Advancement, and our expertise is in fundraising. Recently, we raised $280 million for Bold Ambitions: The Campaign for Dalhousie. The highly-successful campaign will benefit thousands of Dal students through scholarships, enhanced academic and extracurricular opportunities and more. Over the years, many students have sought our advice and assistance on fundraising projects. We are happy to share our expertise with this crowdfunding site to help foster a culture of giving among our students and university community.

projectDAL is a crowdfunding website for the Dalhousie community. If you are a Dal student, alum, friend, faculty or staff, you can share your fundraising story here, track its progress, and share your success with family and friends. If you’re a donor, you can browse the many initiatives on the site and find a cause that matters to you. Once you donate, spread the word through social media and inspire others with your generosity. For important information on applications, expectations and criteria please visit How projectDAL works.

Who can use this site for crowdfunding?
Any Dalhousie student, faculty and staff member, or alumni and friends. As long as the project is considered of benefit to the University and its goals, almost anything goes!

What kinds of projects are suitable for projectDAL?
Projects suitable for projectDAL have to demonstrate some benefit to the Student Experience, a particular faculty or Dalhousie University as a whole. As Dal is a registered charity, Dalhousie’s Office of Advancement manages the site and issues charitable tax receipts for all gifts made to projects. Therefore, projects must demonstrate the aforementioned qualities to qualify for charitable receipts in order to be compliant with the Canada Revenue Agency. Projects which are designed to directly benefit one student are not suitable for projectDAL. If you have any questions in this regard, please refer to our Terms of Use or email

Are there fees to use this site?
No, there are no fees associated with setting up and running a project on the site.

Do I need any sort of approval in submitting a project?
Yes, projectDAL requires that all projects have been vetted and are supported by either a program director, staff advisor or faculty member. If you are submitting a research project, the project needs to be deemed “Charitable” by Research Services before we can proceed with putting the project up on the site. See the projectDAL Terms of Use for more details.

How much can I fundraise for my project?
A typical project can aim to raise anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000. See the projectDAL Terms of Use for more details.

How long can I fundraise for my project?
Our research indicates short-term projects work best with this type of crowdfunding approach. Students should aim to have all projects completed within 60 days. See the projectDAL Terms of Use for more details.

Does Dalhousie provide support for running a fundraising campaign?
Yes. We are experienced, professional fundraisers happy to share our expertise to help students make a difference. This website provides a coordinated approach to student fundraising at Dalhousie, and support to help make your goals a reality. Ultimately, the project is your responsibility but we are here to help. If you have any questions, please email

When the project is complete, how will I get the funds?
When the fundraising is complete, the funds will be transferred to the associated Dalhousie department or account affiliated with your project.

When is my credit card charged?
Your card will be charged at the time of donation. It may appear on your credit card statement as either “Dalhousie Office of Ad” or “Dalhousie Advancement” – this is correct as this means that your contribution to the project has gone through and the gift was being processed through the Office of Advancement who do all the receipting for projectDAL projects.

Will I receive a tax receipt?
Yes, your donation is eligible for a tax receipt as Dalhousie University is a recognized and registered charity. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, because we issue tax receipts, we cannot issue “give backs” or merchandise, etc. for different levels of gifts.

Will all of my donation go towards the project I’m supporting?
Yes, all funds donated through projectDal will go towards the project you are supporting. There are no costs deducted from your donation for the transaction. See the projectDAL Terms of Use for more details.

Can I make a donation anonymously?
There is an option to select to not have your name published on the site or in any public lists of donors to Dalhousie.

Who will I contact if I have a question about my donation?
If you have a question about your transaction, please email Grace at

Is my information secure on this site?
Yes, all payment information is secure and complies with the Dalhousie Privacy Policy and provincial and federal regulations. See the projectDAL Privacy Policy page for more information.

How will I know if the project has been completed/successful?
All donors will be contacted after fundraising is completed with a final status and tally on the project.