emanuel jannasch

Kate Somers

Happy to support such a great initiative!

On Track Micro Bursaries

Christopher Hartt

As both an Alumni and a Faculty Member, I am happy to recognize Richard's leadership and commitment to our students in immediate need by joining this initiative.

On Track Micro Bursaries

Brad Wuetherick

Thank you Richard and Mona for inspiring the community to support this initiative! I am happy to contribute towards enabling student success through these microbursaries!!

On Track Micro Bursaries

Fiona Black

A privilege to support our fabulous students on their academic journey.

On Track Micro Bursaries

Elizabeth Thompson

This is a great way to support student success!

On Track Micro Bursaries

Kimberly McDonald Winsor

An fantastic initiative that will make a big impact on students.

On Track Micro Bursaries

Leslie Harnish

I'm happy to support this very worthy cause and hopefully help make it easier for a struggling student.

On Track Micro Bursaries

The President's Office

Lois Murray

I'm sure you'll make us proud in Boston! Have a great Jamboree, iGEM'ers!!!

Dalhousie iGEM – Giant Jamboree

Faculty of Medicne Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Science Faculty of Science

Jim Rossiter

Way to go LEGOS ´R US team! So proud of all of you. Thanks to IMHOTEP, Dal, Oxford School and especially the mentors and teachers.

LEGOS ‘R US – FIRST Global Innovation Awards Finals