Deanna Ferguson

What a wonderful initiative!

Dive In: The Blue Whale Project

Tim and Sue Wright

We are proud to support this initiative. This program is exceptionally well-run from Jim Wilson and Rick Rivers, through Coach Haggett and his staff, the medical staff, and the many volunteers who support and believe in this program. Looking forward to another successful season. Go Tigers Go!!

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Laurene Rehman

This is an important project to support in advancing our understanding of the history of LGBT.

Nova Scotia Rainbow Seniors Archive

Jacqueline Gahagan

Let's make sure the important history of our senior LGBT community members is represented and made accessible to everyone in the process! We have all benefited from their bravery and tenacity!

Nova Scotia Rainbow Seniors Archive

Andrew Leslie

Bo Yu

Best wish, best luck!

ROWE JDCC 2019/2020

Jason Buckley

Marine Affairs Program

Daniel Alleyne

Shelbi Sprung

As a past captain I 100% understand the pains of fundraising. Good luck in getting to your goal!

ROWE JDCC 2019/2020

Nancy McAllister-Irwin

Hope for the future of my grandchildren

Dive In: The Blue Whale Project

Christine Chambers

On behalf of Solutions for Kids in Pain

Dive In: The Blue Whale Project

christopher taggart

Brilliant, make no bones about that. Brilliant blue.

Dive In: The Blue Whale Project