Throughout history, men have often played a prominent role in politics. In today’s world, however, representation is more important than ever before. As current Political Science and Schulich School of Law School students at Dalhousie, we wish to share the stories of the women who have helped to pave the way for politics in Nova Scotia through a new book we are writing and publishing. Proceeds from this book will help support Dalhousie’s new Women in Politics Scholarship, to encourage and inspire female Political Science students as they aspire towards their career in the field.


With representation being more important than ever before – including in government, where political decisions need to be made by and for both men and women – our book will help young women become inspired by those who came before them. The book, On Their Shoulders: The Women Who Paved the Way in Nova Scotia Politics, will chronicle the stories of 50 women who serve and have served as Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Nova Scotia, detailing their journeys to office, the inequalities they overcame, the moments and achievements they’re proud of, and the advice they give to today’s young women. The book will be available throughout Nova Scotia, filling an important gap in our history, while inspiring young women to follow in their footsteps.

Dalhousie students and the authors of the book, Grace Evans BA’21 & Sarah Dobson JD’20, are interviewing Hon. Patricia Arab, the youngest female cabinet minister in Nova Scotia’s history.


Our goal is to raise $20,000 to establish a scholarship fund for Women in Politics. Future proceeds of $10,000 from the sale of our book, On Their Shoulders: The Women Who Paved the Way in Nova Scotia Politics, will go directly towards the new Women in Politics Scholarship. Now, we are asking for your help to raise an additional $10,000 for our total goal of $20,000. With your gift to the Women in Politics Scholarship, you will help us support today’s deserving Political Science students. Your support – no matter the size – will encourage more young women to pursue their education and contribute to reducing the barriers that many young women may face.


International Women's Day event

March 13, 2020

Our "On Their Shoulders" event on International Women's Day at Dalhousie was such a success! Many members of the community came to celebrate this important initiative, including the Honourable Bernadette Jordan and the Honourable Kelly Regan. What an inspiring and empowering experience! It was so encouraging to see that this community cares for women in politics.null

Our campaign was covered in the media!

March 5, 2020

Global News picked up our story and featured our campaign in the Morning Show this morning. Watch the segment and read more about our initiative HERE. Join us and make your gift to the new Women In Politics Scholarship today!


Province of Nova Scotia

Louise Carbert

Ronnie McPhee

Great work, Sarah and Grace! I hope someone does something along these lines in PEI and across the country. Best of luck!

Geoff Breen

Nova Scotia NDP

The Nova Scotia NDP has a proud tradition of electing women to the legislature -- from the first woman leader to be elected to a major political party ever 40 years ago, to the highest percentage of women elected in the legislature of any party today. New Democrats are actively trying to get more women elected; we’re happy to support this initiative.

Patricia Culbert

I’m delighted to support you both and this fantastic initiative. Huge kudos to you!

PC Party

Abby Newcombe

Bronwyn Williams

Can't wait to see all of your hard work come to fruition!

Richard and Leigh Dobson

Sara, The Toronto Dobson family- Rick, Leigh, Thomas, Jen, Will and Tara are pleased to support this wonderful initiative in memory of your grandfather William, one of our favourite people. We know he would be very pleased to have support for the advancement of women in his name, especially since you are a key leader in this effort. Love to all The Dobson family

Joan Myles

On March 8th, 2020, my daughter and I attended the event, "On Their Shoulders" part of the International Women's Day celebrations hosted by the Women's Division-Dalhousie Alumni. We were both very impressed by the speeches given by Grace Evans and Sarah Dobson about their work to write and publish a book about the women who have served in the NS Legislature. Our family firmly believes that women are under represented in political office at all levels of government. My partner and I are both Dalhousie graduates and are very happy to support this Women in Politics Scholarship. Our hope is that the scholarship will indeed encourage women to become involved in politics and indeed be elected to office.

Adam Cheyne

Patricia Arab

Iain Rankin

Great initiative. Happy to support the encouragement of more women being involved in politics. Good luck on reaching this goal!

Suzanne Lohnes-Croft

Ron Smith

Elaine Wright

Delighted to support this important initiative and book!

Kelly Regan

Thank you to Grace and Sarah for this initiative — the book and this scholarship. Kudos to them both for taking this work on at such a busy time!


Maike van Niekerk

I am so proud of you, Sarah and Grace! Women deserve - and require - a place in politics. Thank you for helping to reduce the barriers that many young women may face in getting into politics.