Kimberly McDonald Winsor

Clare MacDermott

Happy to help Dalhousie Students.

The Food Security Project

David Meadows

Eat healthy. Stay safe !

The Food Security Project

Marlene Cherun

I wish to invest in the health and well-being of students. They are Canada's most precious resource.

The Food Security Project

Adrienne Lucas

I was planning to give to another local charity and have decided to give to both. It is such a difficult time for so many people and I know that every little bit helps to make a big difference in so many lives. God bless you as you reach out with help and support to those in need. Adrienne Lucas

The Food Security Project

Christopher Lever

Joseph Macdonald

I do not want to see anyone going hungry while trying to succeed as a student.

The Food Security Project

Donald Strachan

I benefited from a much needed bursary in my freshman year. Proctor and Gamble were the donor company.

Student Technology Fund

Ronnie McPhee

Great work, Sarah and Grace! I hope someone does something along these lines in PEI and across the country. Best of luck!

Women In Politics Scholarship