James Jenkins

An inspiring project I hope will help many people understand the importance of protecting endangered species and turn their concern and intent into action.

Dive In: The Blue Whale Project

Anthony Harding

MY family has suffered greatly from rheumatic fever, my father, mother and one sister all had it and it changed our lives. Also we can be sure that our donation gets to the people in need through this initiative. The lengths the volunteers go to to make sure supplies arrive with them is amazing. It is a very worthwhile project.

Canadian Rwanda Open-heart Project

Sarah Varley

What a wonderful project!

Dive In: The Blue Whale Project

Daria O'Reilly

Allison Schmidt

Anne Marie was an inspiration to many people on campus and her legacy as an amazing teacher, colleague and friend should live on in the place she loved most, the outdoors!

The Anne Marie Ryan Memorial Fund

Katyryna Gaudet

Congratulation! Forever grateful for my peers, friends and memories as a tiger ❤ To all the powerful wonderful women I played with, you remain my life-long friends. Soon time for another reunion!!!

Women’s Volleyball Fund

Paul Singh

Very kind and understanding person. Treated everyone with dignity and respect.

The Anne Marie Ryan Memorial Fund

Angela Barrett-Jewers