Elizabeth Joyce

I am proud that my employer and my alma mater is working to find solutions to this global threat.

COVID-19 Research Fund

Siobhan Doherty

Dal students are always deserving of our support but now is the time they need it most. I am happy to contribute during this difficult time in the hopes I can make things a little easier for someone else.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Judith Guernsey

Ultimately it is our students who are the reason for us being at Dal.. They are our future and in whom we should all be investing during this very difficult time!!

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Pollen Yeung

Students need help in time of crisis like during the pandemics. I am happy to offer my help!

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Michelle Hunter

It is important that the Dalhousie community come together to support our students in their time of need. Stay Strong...Stay Safe...Stay Well. Michelle

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Ankush Randhawa

Dalhousie (and Halifax) was a warm embrace to me as a foreign student, first time out of my country. Our community will see us through. Stay strong everyone and stay connected.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

John Jenkins

I went to Dalhousie very young and did not do well as I lacked direction. When my business venture on the Islands of Halifax Harbour was blocked from growth I decided to return to school at 31, with 3 kids and the support of my wife. I am grateful to Dalhousie for allowing me a second chance and allowing me to learn a trade which has given me a tremendously rewarding career. Good Luck to you all !!!

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Benoit Aubert

I hope we can keep all our students engaged and connected - connected with us and connected together.

Student Technology Fund