John Jenkins

I went to Dalhousie very young and did not do well as I lacked direction. When my business venture on the Islands of Halifax Harbour was blocked from growth I decided to return to school at 31, with 3 kids and the support of my wife. I am grateful to Dalhousie for allowing me a second chance and allowing me to learn a trade which has given me a tremendously rewarding career. Good Luck to you all !

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Benoit Aubert

I hope we can keep all our students engaged and connected - connected with us and connected together.

Student Technology Fund

Dr Finlay Spicer

I remember some hard times as a student, I cannot imagine anything as difficult as the uncertainty facing students.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Chris Field

My thoughts and prayers go out to the students unable to return home. They are such an important part of our community and deserve all the support we can give them.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Ahter Ezgi Tekin

Always proud to be part of this amazing institution as an alumni, i hope the amount of effort spent by your amazing team will benefit humanity. Wishing you all the best in your tough journey.

COVID-19 Research Fund

Mark Hobbs

Proud to support Dalhousie in this time of need

Student Technology Fund

Alain Boutet

Support to students is the very essence of an higher education institution, and Dalhousie University surely embraces this idea, particularly in times of crisis.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Patricia Livingston

We care, please stay well. Love

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Jessica Han

Let's hold up together!

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Heidi Weigand

Access to technology creates inclusion in education - the COVID-19 pandemic will create an even bigger socioeconomic disparity gap. I want to help close that gap.

Student Technology Fund

Ann Pyne

These are unprecedented times and students need our help. Wishing everyone the best of health.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Dale Levandier

Significant advances in knowledge happen occasionally through chance, unanticipated events: the recovery of a Copper Age "glacier mummy" or the discovery of a blue whale carcass on the beach. It is a credit to the researchers who recognize these opportunities.

Dive In: The Blue Whale Project

Iain Rankin

Great initiative. Happy to support the encouragement of more women being involved in politics. Good luck on reaching this goal!

Women In Politics Scholarship