Hargurdeep Saini

A mind at peace and a full belly are essential to effective learning. Thank you for helping create these conditions so our students could focus on their learning.

The Food Security Project

Cuong Nguyen

It's great that I could contribute back to my beloved university.

The Food Security Project


Dillon Consulting

Dillon Consulting is currently running a national Million Meals campaign initiative, supporting various food security related initiatives from coast to coast. This Dal initiative fits well into Dillon's campaign. Dillon's offices in Nova Scotia (2 in Halifax and 1 in Sydney) are comprised of many staff that have graduated from Dal and continue to support the university and its community. Great ini

The Food Security Project

Bruce Crooks

No-one should go hungry in today's society. Nutrition is also essential for performance. For students trying to further their education keeping food on your plate should not impede your work and efforts to succeed. Food is a human right

The Food Security Project

edwin luther

Katherine Stringer

Reflecting on the generosity of others in my own life, makes this donation all the more meaningful

The Food Security Project

Marie Dauphinee-Booth

Robert Currie

Great initiative!

The Food Security Project

anthony lyons

I sadly remember one year that I dropped over 15 Lbs . I could only afford one meal per day. My mother cried when she saw me at Christmas. Too proud to ask for help, I guess. Thank You for doing this for the students and removing the stigma.

The Food Security Project

Raylene LeDrew

It's important to support students so they can reach their full potential. We all need a little help along the way. I think there's power in numbers and working together. Every little bit helps!

The Food Security Project

Tanya MacLeod

When I was a university student, I struggled to afford nutritious, quality food and the time to prepare it. A typical meal was pan fried frozen veggie mix, mr noodles and eggs- probably nutritious enough, but low on freshness and quality. I was so fortunate to have a local church that supplied free fruit, veggies, whole grain breads and special holiday meal boxes- it meant so much to have this sup

The Food Security Project

Heather Sutherland

Stacey Scott

Such a fantastic project! Attending university is incredibly expensive in Canada. This project will help students continue their studies knowing the Dal community cares about their wellbeing and their success as students.

The Food Security Project

Nick Tentomas

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

The Food Security Project

Mark DeWolf

King's and Dalhousie gave me a wonderful boost toward a life that has been fulfilling in a great number of ways.

The Food Security Project