Roy Argand

Awesome initiative, I am looking forward to reading the book.

Women In Politics Scholarship

Andy Fillmore

I am so proud of you,Sarah and Grace, and your excellent work. Add women, change politics. Well done! - Andy.

Women In Politics Scholarship

Julia Kenney

Every time a woman is added to the political conversation, the conversation changes. Proud to see this initiative started by my peers, and anxious to celebrate the election of the first female Premier of NS.

Women In Politics Scholarship

Lillian Pothier

Great idea. Excited to see the exhibit.

Dive In: The Blue Whale Project

Zach Churchill

Sarah and Grace are establishing themselves as leaders of the current generation. I'm so proud of them both.

Women In Politics Scholarship

Don Brien

Very proud of Sarah and Grace whom have put a number of hours into writing a book of stories of the women who have helped to pave the way for politics in Nova Scotia. Proceeds from this book will help support Dalhousie’s new Women in Politics Scholarship Fund. Congratulations to two strong women. Don and Robbie Brien

Women In Politics Scholarship

Danielle Evans-Whiting

Alex Speed

Nobody should have to focus on hunger when they are trying to focus on their studies.

The Student Food Security Fund

Wendy Knight

Best of luck in your studies and future careers!

The Student Food Security Fund

Nancy Hayter

What a great science project. Looking forward to seeing the final exhibit next year.

Dive In: The Blue Whale Project

Michael MacKinnon

A student Food Bank is an excellent idea.

The Student Food Security Fund

rosemary Neu

I was shocked to learn of the degree of food insecurity among Dal students

The Student Food Security Fund

Avi Diggle

Prayers for the families, friends, and all those mourning the lives lost. Wishes of peace and love for a brighter future.

The Iranian Memorial Bursary Fund