Elena Powell

I hope that by supporting the Student Emergency Relief Fund students in need can be helped -- these are very difficult & challenging times.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Terra Bruhm

I submit this gift with love hoping it will bring someone the resources they need to thrive during these strange and uncertain times. Even though we're apart, you're still in my thoughts. Sending you hugs and well wishes from my home in Halifax. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Student Technology Fund

Ellen Jost

A worthy cause! I was a student once too and can appreciate these difficult times.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Josephine Muxlow

These are challenging times for some students. Thus, it is important to support students as you would like to be supported should you be in the same situation.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Debra Pepler

I would like to dedicate this to the President of Dalhousie University, Dr. Deep Saini, who wrote me a most encouraging personal note earlier this year. His thoughtfulness in reaching out to me personally, with a supportive letter, is most appreciated. As a former student who benefitted tremendously from my years at Dal, I am eager to support the students of today who are facing unprecedented cha

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Renelle LeBlanc-Scott

I just can't imagine being a university student, struggling already financially and having to navigate the perils of quaranting, social isolation and loss of summer employment/clinical hours... I hope this small amount can help alleviate a bit of that worry for existing students!

Student Emergency Relief Fund