Charlie, Margot Kinal, Rochester

Scott Nordlund

My four years of ball at Dal were truly amazing, and I could not wait to help out as one of the original players on the squad. From winning out first game to the long bus rides across the Maritimes, Tiger football is more than football, it is a family. Enjoy the helmets lads and looking forward to coming back during Homecoming!

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Jordan Stirling

Boy does the time fly!! It's been 2 years since graduating at Dal, and I miss it so much. This program was by far the best thing I could have done. It helped me developed skills and relationships that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. Jim Wilson once said that this is more than just a football team, it's a leadership development program - and I couldnt agree more. During my tenure I learned ba

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Wallace Clements

Glad to see football back at Dal. I had the good fortune to enjoy 3 seasons playing for Dal and I hope you all enjoy every minute (even the practices!) as much as I did. Go Tigers!

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Henry Whitfield

I started at Dalhousie before the football program returned and can tell you that from the moment I heard about Jim Wilson and his plan to bring football back to Dalhousie, I was hooked. It was an honour to be involved with the project as a Team President and to work with such an excellent program. It blows me away how far this club has come in such a short period, under the stewardship of J

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Rob Wilson

Good luck in the upcoming season!

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Chad Kirkhus

The program at Dal has made enormous strides over the years since my first involvement in 2013. Winning the championship in 2016 coming off of a season where I broke my ankle is one of my top highlights from all of university. Originally coming from Ontario, I can honestly credit this program as a major reason I still live in Halifax!

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Kati Wilson

Dal Football is not just a football club it is a leadership development program, not only for the players, but for the trainers and student executive as well. Being on the club executive for three years and the President for one, I gained valuable leadership skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Good Fun, Great Friends, GO Tigers!

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Jordan Wright

My four years with the Dalhousie Football Club were phenomenal. Being involved in the team that brought football back to the university was one of the best experiences of my life. Jim Wilson and Rick Rivers have not only created a championship team from the ground up, but a genuine family. Never have I enjoyed playing football more then when I was able to take the field at Wickwire. When I was

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Mark Haggett

I have been involed with Dalhousie Football for 5 years. I cannot express enough it’s positive impact on everyone involved from the athletic trainers , athletes , coaches and fans. Our goal is to recruit the best, work the hardest and bring championships to Dal Football. We create a champions mindset along with leadership and positive influence within the community. Personally I have benefited g

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Jim Wilson

After 8 completed seasons we have built a very impressive football program. This could not have been done without the commitment of many volunteer club executives, coaches, trainers, volunteers and the financial support of The Dal Football Founders Club and sponsors. Please help us ensure our Club's future success. GO Tigers!

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Casey Jones

The 5 years that I have spent with Dalhousie Football were invaluable to my university experience. The friends I made and the skills I picked up along the way are irreplaceable. As a captain for 3 years and team President for 2, I learned countless leadership and time management skills that helped me get to where I am today. I hope that you'll join me in supporting Dal Football to purchase hel

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Richard Florizone Mona Holmlund

Heather Sutherland

Raina Clancey