Dino DiMattia

Keep up the great work.

COVID-19 Research Fund

Jonathan Barry

Kudos for the work in this area and for reaching out to ask for help in funding it. The potential impact of a vaccination for COVID 19 has far-reaching implications and applicability to global health, and therefore I would encourage anyone thinking of helping to support the cause. It is not just a short-term solution, but one that will help those in most need around the world.

COVID-19 Research Fund

yee shing (john) tse

better future for humanity

COVID-19 Research Fund

Karthik Rammoorthy

Maike van Niekerk

I am so proud of you, Sarah and Grace! Women deserve - and require - a place in politics. Thank you for helping to reduce the barriers that many young women may face in getting into politics.

Women In Politics Scholarship

Kathleen Stairs

Francois Guinard

It is hard to learn on an empty stomach.

The Student Food Security Fund

Denise Smith

This is a wonderful initiative that these two talented young women have started. I am pleased to support this.

Women In Politics Scholarship

Bernadette Jordan

Thank you for all you are doing to advance women in politics. #AddWomenChangePolitics

Women In Politics Scholarship

Allister Mason

Keep up the great work Sarah and Grace!

Women In Politics Scholarship

Roy Argand

Awesome initiative, I am looking forward to reading the book.

Women In Politics Scholarship

Andy Fillmore

I am so proud of you,Sarah and Grace, and your excellent work. Add women, change politics. Well done! - Andy.

Women In Politics Scholarship

Julia Kenney

Every time a woman is added to the political conversation, the conversation changes. Proud to see this initiative started by my peers, and anxious to celebrate the election of the first female Premier of NS.

Women In Politics Scholarship