As Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Robert Strang is a proven leader in addressing complex health issues that affect Nova Scotians. He has worked tirelessly to support health care for families and communities in the province, including his key role in the public health responses to the H1N1 crisis and COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout his career, Dr. Strang has also provided leadership in the renewal of the public health system in Nova Scotia. Now, he is helping raise awareness around the importance of creating equity-based policies and environments that support better health outcomes for all Nova Scotians.

Building community

In today’s health-care system, equity-based leadership is critical. Not only can it help create better connections and culturally appropriate care for diverse communities, but it is an important piece in supporting problem solving and overall organizational performance. By changing the face of health-care leadership, we can make health care more accessible to deserving people from a range of sexual orientations, abilities, cultural, racial and social strata. Having health-care leaders from under-represented populations helps shape services to meet the needs of patients and health-care providers alike.

Creating opportunities

To help increase equity-based opportunities for students and future health-care leaders entering the Master of Health Administration program at Dalhousie, while honouring the exceptional work and dedication of Dr. Strang, a new scholarship has been established. The Dr. Robert Strang Scholarship in Support of Equity in Health will support students who self-identify as members of under-represented populations, ultimately broadening representation in future health-care structures to build stronger and more responsive health systems.

By making a gift, you can help support the creation of new opportunities for today’s students, while increasing representation in health care to improve patient outcomes.

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference.
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Mary Dillon

lorne porter

happy to help

Ross Elliott

Dr. Strang, Thank you for your leadership during this very challenging time in our province, our country and the world. Thanks to your family as well, as I l know they would have made many sacrifices in order for you to fulfill this leadership role. What you have made happen for others, may God make happen for you.

Robert Strang

I am honoured to have this scholarship in my name but it represents the commitment, hard work and creativity of the many Nova Scotian health care workers who have lead us though the COVID pandemic. Thank you to each and every one of the donors for supporting the creation of o more inclusive and equitable health care system in Nova Scotia.

Fred Archibald

Diversity, equity and inclusion is so important for both providers and consumers of healthcare in Nova Scotia and warrant support and promotion. Dr Strang’s compassion, high ethical standards and responsible leadership are the perfect backdrop for this initiative.

Glen Fallows

Dal Medicine Class of ‘94

Richard and Grace Beazley

The scholarship is a great idea, with a great purpose, and for those students not often designated for scholarships, and also a big reason is it's in honour of our fabulous Dr. Strang.

Richard Anningson

Let's get this done. Together we can start the societal improvement rather than just talking about how it is needed.

Tom Currie

Lara Hazelton

Class of 94

Erin Skinner

This is a wonderful and timely initiative that I'm pleased to support. Covid has cast a bright light on the valuable work of health leaders. This important work will continue after the pandemic - much as it was before the pandemic - mostly quietly, but with passion and dedication to excellence. Ensuring that health leadership education is accessible to students with diverse backgrounds will contribute to greater equity and innovation in the field, now and into the future.

Karen Cameron

Dr Strang is a hero of this pandemic. Well educated , calm , knows how to talk to the general population. Deserves accolades and a vacation !!

Mary McNally

Christine Short

If nothing else, COVID has really uncovered the problem of health inequity world-wide. This is a great opportunity for me to give back, as a Dal alumnus, and help someone else make a difference for our world.

Michael West

Gisela O'Brien

Huge thanks to Robert Zed. Dr. Strang deserves the thanks of every Nova Scotian.

Liz Millett

Sandra Zed Finless

A positive and forward looking initiative in healthcare with inspirational leadership!!

Darren Nantes

Anne Newcombe

please include name as M. Anne Newcombe. ...and BRAVO for getting this tremendous project underway!