In May 2022, a team of volunteer doctors, nurses and allied medical staff from Dalhousie University’s Department of Surgery, the QEII Health Sciences Centre and the IWK Health Centre will travel to Kigali, Rwanda, to perform life-saving cardiac surgeries. Working with their Rwandan medical partners, one team will perform adult cardiac surgeries, almost exclusively valve replacements requiring heart-lung bypass; the following week, a pediatric team will perform congenital heart surgeries on children. The Dalhousie team will continue to work with their Rwandan partners to grow that country’s cardiac surgery program.

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David Chapman

Do good work and take care of yourselves!

Holly Keillor

Jenna Joyce

Alec MacMurtrie

Alana Stewart

Kim Sampson

Adam Gillis

Fred Pauls

Joy Murphy

Kenny Bennett

Richard McGrath

Antoinette Woodman

It is indeed heartwarming to know that there are so many good and kind people in the world to take care of those who are not as privileged as us.

Dr. Jim Spatz

Dr. Mitzi Mitchell

Gordon T Stirrett & Associates

Paul Langlois

A great project hats off to the project participants who are donating their time and expertise.

Sophie Latente

This project and initiative is wonderful! As a friend to Dr. Keir Stewart and his family, I am happy to contribute to this cause that will help save lives and educate others.

Jessica Worring

My grandpa has suffered from heart problems ever since he was a child. I am to donate to a cause that will help people receive surgeries and help hearts beating again.

Nadine Woon

While everyone’s attention has been obviously focused on the pandemic, it is essential to take notice of health systems that are already fragile. I am pleased to support this wonderful lifesaving project.

Ann Jardine

Lesli, I'm so happy that you are going on this life saving and life changing mission. Stay safe.. Hugs Ann