International Student Holiday Dinner 2022


The holiday season brings forth a time of tradition and celebration. For many Dalhousie students traveling home to enjoy this time with family is difficult, and so they will instead remain on campus. After shifting to a meal pick-up service in light of the global pandemic for the past two years, we are thrilled to be returning to our cherished in-person tradition of community and celebration— the annual International Student Holiday Dinner.


Alumni volunteers are working with the International Student Centre to organize our eighth-annual East Coast holiday meal for our international and out-of-town students. This year’s dinner is underway, and we invite you to share the holiday spirit by contributing to the costs of the holiday dinner.

The first International Student Holiday Dinner took place in 2015 when alumni volunteers sought to offer a meaningful experience for our international students. The dinner was a tremendous success and it was decided then that this would be an annual event.

Since 2015, over 1300 students, alumni, staff and faculty have come together to share their traditions, holiday spirit, and of course a delicious meal made possible by dedicated volunteers and you, our generous donors. Now as we prepare for our eighth celebration, we are again turning to our community to help support this worthwhile cause.

“I had the opportunity to attend the Dinner in 2015 as a student. It was a great event; we shared a Canadian holiday dinner and I felt included in the local holiday celebrations. I am glad that this has become an annual event that assures students that, even if they are far away from their own family, they are an integral part of the Dalhousie family.” -Mahbubur Rahman (MASc’16)

“I recalled how it was like when I was a foreign student staying behind in the practically empty Howe Hall in Christmas time. I like to support this meaningful idea.” – Peter Ping-Kuen Chow (BSc’70, BScPh’72)

A donation of $30 enables one student to enjoy a meal in the company of their friends and community. For many of our guests, this is the only holiday meal they will attend, and so with a fundraising goal of $6,000, we hope to invite another 200 guests to participate in this cherished tradition.


Danielle Melanson

Having been away from home for Christmas, the idea of this beautiful gathering warms my heart. I hope it fills the hearts and lifts the spirits of all who attend.

Quenta Adams

Oluronke Taiwo

Cynthia Pilichos

Here's to the return of the great International Students' Holiday Dinner!

Kathy MacFarlane

I can't imagine being so far from home during the holidays. I hope this Holiday Dinner makes the students enjoy the holidays a bit more!

terri mann

What a wonderful initiative. I am happy to support this endeavor!

Rhonda Church

Carol Bradley

Rita Caldwell

Bobby Matheson

Maria West

I hope you have a great holiday dinner! I remember how hard it was to be away from family when the holidays come around.

Judy Flecknell

I want students who are far from home to enjoy a meal, fellowship and to know that Alumni remember them. The world can be a lonely place; perhaps this will bring joy to someone in attendance.

Alison DeLory

Thank you for organizing this event for our international students.

Kimberly McDonald Winsor

Colette Wyllie

Joseph Macdonald

I have lived and worked on three other continents and on holidays it was always wonderful to have someone to share them with.


Have a great dinner and continue to enjoy Dalhousie! Lex MacNeil

Becca Rowland

Happy Holidays!

Devarsh Sood

As an international graduate myself, this initiative serves as a reminder of the importance such days held for me. Best wishes to all the students for the upcoming holiday season, and huge thanks to all the volunteers for organizing.

Karen Dodge

I am fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends during the holidays. I hope this provides students some great food and company when they are far from home