Imhotep’s Legacy Academy’s FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team, “Legos R Us” has been nominated, as an Acadia Robotics Championship awardee, to attend the 2024 Western Edge FIRST LEGO League Open.

This year, the finals were held in Long Beach, California from May 30 – June 2, 2024, and the FLL students had a chance to be recognized, gain valuable experience, and win funds towards improving their prototype.

This year’s FLL project was the StylusX pen. This idea was generated as an artistic outlet for visually impaired individuals. The pen uses 3D printing filament and outputs what the user draws. With many functions to assist with drawing and creating art, this is a useful tool for those that may be limited by vision but also anyone who interested in drawing. The Global Innovation Award (GIA) judges reviewed a synopsis of their project and were very enthusiastic about their solution.

This opportunity was an amazing experience for our FLL students and Mentors. It gave them an opportunity to meet and work with participants from other countries and helped them to set goals and build their confidence for next year. Your generous contribution will offset current balances and continue to provide educational accessible resources for our Black African Nova Scotian students.


Imhotep’s Legacy Academy (ILA), an initiative between Dalhousie University and various community partners, provides programs intended to support and enrich the knowledge of S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects amongst students of African heritage in grades 6 – 12 throughout Nova Scotia. The FIRST Lego League program is one of our core programs which exposes the students to robotics programming, systematic problem solving, and instills core values like team work and professionalism.

This year our team participated at the NSCC Ivany Campus practice competition which helped them gain valuable feedback ahead of the Regional competition held at Acadia University. At the Acadia Robotics Regional Competition, our team won the Core Values award and ranked 3rd overall in the Champion category. The team developed an innovative solution to create an outlet for visually impaired persons, named the StylusX pen.

Despite numerous roadblocks, the team worked together to develop the StylusX. The team meets and works on their solution 6 hours a week with the FLL Mentors. When sessions couldn’t be held at the schools, they devoted their weekends to ensure that the solution was up to par. This trip will provide them with proper recognition for their efforts and give them an experience they will never forget!


Substantially funded by Dalhousie University and working out of the ILA Learning Centre on the Sexton Campus, Dalhousie University students are hired to serve as mentors to junior high and high school kids in the HRM through Imhotep’s Legacy Academy (ILA). ILA has four core programs which provides support and engages students of African heritage in STEM studies from grade 6 to their post-secondary education at Dalhousie University. ILA Board members, majority of whom are Dalhousie faculty, also serve as mentors to the hired students, therefore creating a tri-mentorship system that has proved successful over the years.

This is evident in how far the FLL team has come with so much support. Approximately $25,000 will be required to cover the travel, accommodation and meal costs for 9 students, 1 Coach, 3 Mentors, and 1 teacher as a Chaperone over the 4 nights of the event.

The FLL team is currently working on the development and programming/hardware of the prototype using suggestions they received from the Acadia judges and guidance from their mentors. As they journey through the design process for their prototype they will look towards feedback from engineering professors at Dalhousie University to asses their prototype.

The team has taken this challenge heads-on and are excited about the trip and the possibilities that lie ahead.


The funds raised will provide the First Lego League Program students with the opportunity to attend this world-class event. They will get to meet and speak with peers and gain a broader perspective of the possibilities and potential they can achieve in STEM fields.

Also, this will serve as encouragement to other students in the community and create awareness for all the support systems that Dalhousie University, through ILA, have setup to empower our community.

To hear more about this amazing project, you can listen to this segment with CBC or watch the YouTube clip above.

If you would like more information about this campaign please reach out to Venna Penney at To mail a cheque please send to the Office of Advancement, 6389 Coburg Road, PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS B3H 2A5.

The Team


Student Participant

I am super happy to go on this trip because it is an opportunity to present our work amongst other like-minded and successful students and participate in friendly competitions.


Student Participant

This trip means a lot to me because we worked hard all year and earned a 3rd place finish that qualified us for the international event.


Student Participant

I have enjoyed getting to know people in FLL program and it will be an even more enjoyable experience getting to share it with my teammates.


Student Participant

I am proud of the collective efforts of our team that helped us develop an innovative solution to a problem. I am excited to share this idea at the international stage.


Student Participant

I am glad because this is my third year in the FLL program and competing at the Acadia Regional championship. The third time was the charm because we have qualified for a major competition.


Student Participant

I am proud of the ability of my teammates to work together towards our goals despite challenges faced throughout the journey.


Student Participant

I am proud of our team for receiving the Core Values Award as it speaks towards how well our team works together. We are ready to show this on the next stage!


Student Participant

This trip means a lot to me because our efforts from this year both in the robot game mission and the innovation project have been recognized.


Student Participant

Oluwatobi Oshikoya

Travelling Mentor (Program Coordinator)

My name is Oluwatobi Oshikoya and I’m in my fifth and final year of Chemical Engineering at Dalhousie University. I am the Program Coordinator for the First Lego League team with Imhotep’s Legacy Academy. I am passionate about using my engineering skills to inspire and educate the next generation of youth of African Heritage.

Oluwadamilare Bankole

Travelling First Lego League Mentor

My name is Oluwadamilare Bankole and I’m in my final year of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University. I am a First Lego League Mentor with Imhotep’s Legacy Academy. Through my leadership and engineering expertise, I strive to educate and empower young minds to explore the vast opportunities within STEM disciplines.

Hillary Ogoke

Travelling First Lego League Mentor

My name is Hillary Ogoke and I am in my third year of Applied Computer Science at Dalhousie University. I am a First Lego League Mentor with Imhotep’s Legacy Academy. Through my enthusiasm and expertise towards shaping the lives of young individuals, I hope to make a meaningful impact on their journey through the world of science and technology.

Elisabet Astatkie

Travelling First Lego League Mentor

My name is Elisabet Astatkie and I am a fourth-year Industrial Engineering student at Dalhousie University. I am a First Lego League Mentor with Imhotep’s Legacy Academy. I am passionate about my mentor role and am proud to engage young Black students in the STEM fields.



Sidney Idemudia

Thanks to ILA for guiding students of Sfrican Heritage through the FLL journey year after year. I wish the team success as they compete in the global competition. GO TEAM!

Kevin Reade

My son Isaiah Reade has benefited from ILA and its rich mentors. We are so thankful for the Imhotep Legacy Program and the work and support they provide to young STEM students. Thank you

Lynn Jones

Rise up! Our children of African Heritage can embrace all the world has to offer if only they are given the resources and tools to excel. We shall win the race.