The Food Security Project


Food security is critical for today’s students. When students have reliable access to affordable, nutritious food, it not only fortifies them mentally and physically, but it helps ensure they are at their peak performance academically.

Research shows that 39 per cent of post-secondary students experience some form of food insecurity. What’s more, the COVID-19 pandemic is making this situation worse, with loss of employment, social isolation, or reduced grocery store hours affecting food accessibility.

The Dalhousie Student Union’s student-led food security initiatives are working to address this growing issue for Dal and King’s students. The DSU Food Bank, the Loaded Ladle, the DSU Farmers’ Market, the DSU Sustainability Office and the Food Pantry at the Agricultural Campus in Truro are each striving to increase food security for students. They make free food available, supply occasional meals, subsidize the cost of locally grown produce, and provide education about healthy food choices and meal preparation.

With the need for these food security initiatives growing, students need your help. By making a donation to The Food Security Project, you will help us increase food security for Dal and King’s students. These funds will impact hundreds of students a month. Any donation – no matter the size – will make a difference.

Just a few weeks ago on Giving Tuesday (December 1st), the J & W Murphy Foundation – the campaign’s matching donor – matched all donations to this campaign from individuals up to $20,000. Eight other universities from across Nova Scotia also joined Dalhousie and the Foundation, raising funds to improve food security for students around the province.

Please consider making your donation to The Food Security Project today. Together, we can make a difference for Dalhousie and King’s students.

P.S. Along with your donation, we invite you to leave some words of encouragement for students on our Food Security Project donor wall. Your comments will help us learn why you have decided to support this cause, while encouraging others to donate. We can’t thank you enough for your support!


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Valeri MacDonald

As someone that found herself accessing the local foodbank while in University, I know the anxiety that food insecurity can cause. The reception I received there was surprisingly judgemental. They obviously didnt want a student to take from a family that also was in need. I only went once, but never forgot my demeaning experience. I am a successful business owner and health professional and have always carried with me the idea that each one of us can find ourselves in desperate need of help. It is not a reflection of our moral character. How we are received when we do reach out for help is a defining moment in each person's life. Please reassure students that access this program that their request for help is not their failing.

Kelly Batstone

C.Patricia Maccagno

Member WDDAA

Sobey's Inc

Atlantic Superstore

Pizza Delight

Allison Langille

Margaret Shirley

I'm pleased to contribute to this wonderful initiative.

Lale Kesebi

Barbara Sinclair

Lois Bateman

Ann Vessey

J & W Murphy Foundation

Sharon Sinnott

Everyone needs to eat!! Students need the encouragement!

Donald Johnston

Cynthia Black

Many are having a hard time during this pandemic. We are currently helping locally and as far away as Africa and Mexico. If everyone just helps a little....

Christine Price

Barbara Winter

Robert MacKinnon

Sandra Farrell