Student Technology Fund


For many Dalhousie students, moving from in-person classes to online learning has been a challenge. The Student Technology Fund will help those who do not have access to the technology they need to excel in their courses in a virtual environment.
With your support, we can provide students with the resources and technology they need to continue their studies remotely, including:

• Laptop computers
• Computer rentals
• Mobile internet devices (Turbo sticks, internet keys) to provide internet access to students in rural areas

Your donation – no matter the size – will make an immediate and lasting difference for Dalhousie students. Every dollar helps. If you would like more information about this campaign or how to make a multi-year gift, please contact: Ben McIsaac, AVP Development at or by phone at 902-494-4576.


Donald Strachan

I benefited from a much needed bursary in my freshman year. Proctor and Gamble were the donor company.

Paul Beesley

Susan MOxley

Terra Bruhm

I submit this gift with love hoping it will bring someone the resources they need to thrive during these strange and uncertain times. Even though we're apart, you're still in my thoughts. Sending you hugs and well wishes from my home in Halifax. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Michelle Paon

Jeannette Janssen

Belinda Abraham

All the best to you for successful campaign during these difficult times!

Mark Poirier

Being without regular access to the internet in university during normal circumstances in 2020 would be almost unthinkable; for someone to endure that fate during this pandemic and quarantine is something I can't abide. Good luck to you all.

Cassandra Dorrington

Being a part of Dal is being part of the community. As a community, we will succeed.

Sherry Porter

Where possible, we all need to do what we can to support our students - we need to be there for them! Every little bit helps in this strange, strange time!

Sarah Wells

Jennifer Pierce

Ben McIsaac

Benoit Aubert

I hope we can keep all our students engaged and connected - connected with us and connected together.

Sue Zinck

Mark Hobbs

Proud to support Dalhousie in this time of need

Kevin Borgel

Geoffrey Maksym

Heidi Weigand

Access to technology creates inclusion in education - the COVID-19 pandemic will create an even bigger socioeconomic disparity gap. I want to help close that gap.