Student Emergency Relief Fund


It’s a powerful thing when a community comes together to support those who are struggling. That deep-rooted concern and compassion for one another is what makes the Dalhousie community truly great.

Many Dal students are facing unprecedented and immediate hardships as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, and they need your help. Your support to the Student Emergency Relief Fund will go to the area of greatest student need during this crisis, such as:

• Loss of part-time or summer employment
• Unexpected travel costs and travel restrictions
• Food insecurity issues
• Housing concerns, including rent and utilities

Your donation – no matter the size – will have an immediate and lasting impact on Dalhousie students as they navigate through this unprecedented time. Every dollar helps. If you would like more information about this campaign or how to make a multi-year gift, please contact: Ben McIsaac, AVP Development at or by phone at 902-494-4576.


Paul Beesley

Chi Perrie

I just want to help students at this difficult time.

Raghav Sampangi

Let us all work together as we make our way through this reality, to create a harmonious and compassionate new normal.

Zheng Pang

We are all in this together because we are DAL!

Siobhan Hanratty

Vincent Sweeney

I am sure that there is a need. I hope that those who are truly in need are assisted. I'm not sure that persons living in Canada have really experienced severe hunger, so I hope that the funds will be well used.

Stephanie Jaffres

Gita Anand

John MacLatchy

Kathie Wheadon

Anne McLellan

Jérôme Blais

Roderick McInnes

Goyette Nathalie

Elena Powell

I hope that by supporting the Student Emergency Relief Fund students in need can be helped -- these are very difficult & challenging times.

Colin Richardson

Anne-Marie Charron

Thor Kuhlmann

Paul Mombourquette

Ellen Jost

A worthy cause! I was a student once too and can appreciate these difficult times.