Commerce/MBA Societies Competition Fund


Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is real power. Case competitions and the like are excellent opportunities for business students to use their education, develop critical thinking, and thrive under pressure. These competitions provide not only cherished memories, but also the chance to meet fellow students from other institutions, as well as network with industry professionals. The Commerce and MBA societies are working together to ensure our peers can participate in as many experiential learning opportunities as possible, as well as supporting our existing and future competitions.

With the inception of this new campaign, we will be focusing on supporting two major competitions between the societies:
1) Atlantic Throwdown – Commerce Society
2) MBA Games 2019 – MBA Society


Our societies have initiated this campaign due to the increasing desire of students to participate in competitions, the rising cost of competition entry, and the decreasing availability of funds. Our societies share in the hope of providing impactful experiences for our fellow students.

Please see below for some details on the major competitions that we are supporting through this campaign:
Atlantic Throwdown is a developmental case competition hosted annually by the Rowe School of Business in partnership with the Dalhousie Commerce Society. Top universities from across the Atlantic Region come together for a weekend of competition and celebration.

The MBA Games is the largest annual gathering of MBA students in Canada. This three-day event centers around three pillars: School, Sport, and Spirit. The competitions allow students to represent their school with pride, showcase their abilities and interact with future business leaders from coast to coast.


In the spirit of experiential learning, we hope to engage with previous case competitors amongst the Dalhousie Commerce and MBA alumni to support our desire to share in the experiences they once enjoyed. Whether it was the excitement of feeling the trophy in your hands, or enjoying the drive, passion, and comradery as you and your teammates challenged yourselves, we want the current and future generations of Commerce and MBA students to have the same exposure.


Our priority is to expedite the competitive and experiential learning opportunities for our programs. The donations will be split amongst the two competitions, in proportion to received funding, for the registration fees and other logistics to allow these extraordinary learning opportunities to our students. With your help, we will be able to support over 60 students in their preparation and endeavours towards the Atlantic Throwdown and MBA Games.



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Competitions are a fantastic learning opportunity. It is great to see our students getting involved!