100 Tigers Who Care


Since it’s establishment in the 1950’s, the Tiger’s women’s basketball team has been a program that has allowed athletes to work as a team, face adversity, and meet lifelong friends. This program provided opportunities for Tigers to grow and develop – both as individuals and as a team.

Spearheaded by retired WBB Tiger Coach and Tiger Alum Anna (Pendergast) Stammberger, the 100 Tigers Who Care campaign is meant to welcome our new Head Coach, Tanya McKay, by starting an annual fundraising initiative. This fund would help grow the women’s basketball program, which has meant so much to Tigers past and present.

The goal of this campaign is to engage with 100 (or more!) of WBB alumnae and friends to donate $100 twice a year so that we can raise $10,000 each term. If you are unable to commit to $100 twice a year, we encourage you to participate in any way that you can, to support our Tiger’s WBB program.


Each Fall, the $10,000 (100 x $100) could be used to assist the Tigers with out-of-region travel to competitive tournaments. The second instalment of $10,000, donated in the Spring, could be put towards an athletic scholarship – a much-needed boost to the program’s scholarship fund. This would enhance Coach Tanya’s ability to recruit, which is key to building a top program.

This donation will represent the first part of your pledge for the Fall term. We will invite you back here in the Spring to share the second part of your pledge to the WBB team.

If you would like more information about this campaign, please contact Tanya McKay at tanya.mckay@dal.ca or at (902) 430-4361.


Kathie Wheadon

Support in any amount will help build a winning program.

Libby Smith

Go Tigers!

Jill Tasker

I encourage all former Dal Women’s Basketball Players to consider contributing to this worthy fundraiser! To assist with team travel and Scholarship funds is a great help to the current and future team members!! Once a Tiger- Always a Tiger!! Jill Tasker