Mark Haggett

I have been involed with Dalhousie Football for 5 years. I cannot express enough it’s positive impact on everyone involved from the athletic trainers , athletes , coaches and fans. Our goal is to recruit the best, work the hardest and bring championships to Dal Football. We create a champions mindset along with leadership and positive influence within the community. Personally I have benefited g

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Jim Wilson

After 8 completed seasons we have built a very impressive football program. This could not have been done without the commitment of many volunteer club executives, coaches, trainers, volunteers and the financial support of The Dal Football Founders Club and sponsors. Please help us ensure our Club's future success. GO Tigers!

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Casey Jones

The 5 years that I have spent with Dalhousie Football were invaluable to my university experience. The friends I made and the skills I picked up along the way are irreplaceable. As a captain for 3 years and team President for 2, I learned countless leadership and time management skills that helped me get to where I am today. I hope that you'll join me in supporting Dal Football to purchase hel

Dalhousie Tigers Football Helmet Fund

Richard Florizone Mona Holmlund

Heather Sutherland

Raina Clancey

Brian and Lisa Johnston

Thank you Richard and Mona for your leadership with this initiative.

On Track Micro Bursaries

Peter Green/Gerrie Masters Green/Masters

We are happy to help.This is a project that could be developed into an endowment by dedicated giving over a period of time.We would give annually to building such an endowment.It appears that tuition and other student expenses will increase and the need will not likely reduce.

On Track Micro Bursaries

Katelyn MacDonald

I personally benefited from emergency bursaries during my time at Dal as there were many times finances were tight. I now work in the fundraising industry and can see even more how important it is to have financial support available for students. Thank you for starting this project!

On Track Micro Bursaries